Monitoring Services Overview

Technical Clipping  (or Technical Media Monitoring) is a service that employs contextual analytics and data mining technology for your personalized needs. It is a type of current awareness service or SDI (selective dissemination of information service), either on a one-time basis, or according to an on-going schedule. The end-products are bundles of press clippings, monitoring reports and media analysis, delivered through email or through a dedicated FTP server. Our approach is a sum of human monitors,who review and abstract media content, and of automated search programs, to search and index technical stories (as allowed by copyright laws). The decision of having your own technical media intelligence review  is linked to numerous conceptual, time-management and economic considerations. However, with the right approach and planning, the media monitoring will entail a significant increase in efficiency of your work.


A. Coverage area

1. 24/7 coverage

2. Engineering, science, technical, academic and educational titles

3. TV news websites

4. Online magazines, newswires and syndicated services, including both citizen and mainstream science journalists

5. Government and corporate announcements

6. Ezines, Internet forums, message boards, newsletters and blogs

7. Any additional online resources added on request


B. Filter options

1. Personalized newsletters built to your specifications

2. Match articles only when given keywords occur within the same sentence, clause, paragraph or article

3. Reject articles that come from the wrong sources, are in the wrong subject areas, or that specify irrelevant keywords or phrases


C. Delivery options

1. Word, Excel or PowerPoint charts; executive-level reports as PDFs

2. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or other frequency , by email  to one or more users, or accesible on a dedicated FTP server.



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