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D. Endorsing monitoring services

AirCheck News Taping ( ) is a full-service broadcast monitor providing national and local news segments and reports.

A.1. Media Monitor Services and Clipping Services

AirCheck News Taping ( ) is a full-service broadcast monitor providing national and local news segments and reports. Advance Media Information ( ) is database of events for the next 18 months, continually updated by a team of journalists and broadly divided into news and entertainment. Each item is integrated with a press directory, listing essential information, including telephone numbers and email addresses. Bacon’s ( ) is a public relations supplier of media directories, media software, press clippings, Internet clipping, media lists and news release distribution. Medialink Worldwide ( ) is a television and radio news monitoring and clipping service. Burrelle’s/Luce Information Services ( ) is a premier monitoring service for quick and comprehensive print, broadcast, and Internet information. ClipGenius ( ) is a clipping service specializing in public relations news and newspaper clips as well as web and press clipping. ConfirMedia ( ) monitors content broadcast on radio and television. CustomScoop ( ) is an online agency delivering a daily customized clipping service that draws from online editions of major wires and daily papers, TV and radio stations, smaller daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and new media publications. Free trial available. Cutters ( ) is a Singapore-based press clipping service with particular emphasis on business and information technology news. Also provides tracking on electronic media. CyberAlert ( ) offers fully-automated Internet monitoring and clipping of content in web publications, sites, message boards, and news groups. E-mmediate Clipping Service ( ) offers web delivery of articles from Montana newspapers. JA Media Services ( ) offers broadcast television and radio monitoring, and news clipping and transcription services Media Source ( ) is a full-service TV news monitoring and digital video production company, offering local broadcast monitoring for 120 U.S. cities and all major national networks. Mediatrack ( ) provides international media evaluation, analysis, and measurement, campaign evaluation, competitor analysis, and media research nationally or globally. Metro Monitor ( ) is a professional broadcast news monitoring and news clipping service monitoring over 300 U.S. stations. Multivision, Inc. ( ) is a media monitor specializing in hard-to-find coverage and markets along with digital delivery of broadcast clips. News Index Delivered ( ) monitors hundreds of daily news sources, and provides keyword search-based email clippings daily. News Power Online ( ) provides comprehensive solutions to your information needs. NewsNow Digital Intelligence ( ) tracks news about your company, searching over 3500 sites every few minutes for relevant stories. New Media Intelligence ( ) (previously known as Parallel54) provides research services including monitoring of newsgroups, media sites and other publicly accessible online content. PLCom News Services ( ) offers customized media monitoring and analysis, automated news feeds, and newspaper and TV news abstracts delivered on the web with encryption security. Postech ( ) is a design engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in broadcasting, data acquisition, and telecommunications industries. Quickscan ( ) is a software company that provides database software and technical support to professional news monitoring companies. SDS Media ( ) scans all U.K. newspapers and trade magazines to daily extract and deliver relevant articles to hundreds of clients. Smart Brief ( ) provides free, email based news summaries and other content for industry associations, professional organizations, advocacy groups, and their constituents. Video Monitoring Services ( ) is a broadcast information retrieval service Videowatch ( ) monitors news and news magazine broadcasts, maintains a 60-day archive, and sends broadcasts to you on videotape.

  • RGV Media Monitoring – Details about an independent company monitoring the TV media monitoring news media monitoring for the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. See media monitoring client list media monitoring and coverage.
  • NewsGrip – Set a personal news agent to monitor news around the media clock, looking for competitors, customers, partner companies, and areas of media interest. Norway-based company.
  • NewsNow Business Services – Online media monitoring service that finds specific news media from thousands media monitoring of sites. Scans more than 15 media languages in 84 countries.
  • Bacon’s – Public relations supplier of media directories, media software, media monitoring press services clippings, internet clipping, media lists and press media monitoring release distribution.
  • Media Source – A full-service TV news monitoring and digital video media production company, offering local broadcast monitoring for 120 media US cities and all major national networks.
  • Indian Media Clearing – Providing customised news and information services in India covering print, broadcast and web.
  • Media Library – Provides typed verbatim transcripts, edited broadcast news clips, tracking report summaries and tape storage. Monitoring television and radio in the Bi-state and Tri-state areas.
  • Superior Press Clipping Service – Clipping service for daily and weekly newspapers in media monitoring Montana, USA. Provides listing of services and rates media monitoring as well as areas of coverage.
  • Nationwide News Monitors – Television news monitoring service recording and monitoring more media monitoring than services 450 news stations. Provides copies of any media monitoring news segment services as video (VHS and digital delivery), media monitoring audio, or transcripts.
  • LatinClips – Online, press and broadcast clippings for Hispanic, Latin American, Caribbean and general U.S. products.
  • PressLounge – Offers daily clipping service of online media in media English, German, Italian, French and Spanish. Also assists media in press release distribution to media.
  • Z Media Technologies – Contact details for a Boston-based firm offering TV media and radio media monitoring news monitoring and media duplication services.
  • NewsLIB – Customized news filters on user-specified topics, regularly and media monitoring automatically media monitoring collated then archived.
  • News Power Online – US-based providing international tracking of television, radio, print media monitoring and media internet content. Offers digital delivery of video media monitoring and print media clips. Service requires password.
  • Florida Newsclips – Provides the electronic version of news clips (as they appeared services in Florida publications) delivered to email inbox. Each clip is services identified with the publication name, date, circulation and location information.
  • Videowatch – Monitor news and news magazine broadcasts, maintain a services 60-day archive, and send broadcasts to you on services video tape.
  • Media Market – Offers media analysis, marketing and media intelligence in the UK and Ireland. Also provides software where required for in-house searchable archive of a client\’s media coverage.
  • Replay News – Contact details for broadcast news clipping service recording media all news broadcasts in Toledo, Ohio. Lists station media and formats covered.
  • Apollo Performance Research Centre – Monthly analysis of technology news stories from hundreds media of sources in the UK. Provides public relations media evaluation that measures success of activity, and identifies media how companies can boost coverage.
  • BBC Monitoring – Includes news, information and comment gathered from the mass media media monitoring around the world for service subscribers.
  • Press Monitor – Offering a time-critical service to businesses and government services groups in services Delhi. Hand-delivers hardcopy clippings by 8am. services View client, subject and services publication lists. Softcopy and services CD-ROM versions also available.
  • Kansas Clips – Offers news or web clipping service covering Kansas-based news outlets. media Delivered every morning via email. View product list, sample and media apply for two-week free trial.
  • PLCom News Services – Customized media monitoring and analysis, automated news feeds, media monitoring and newspaper and TV news abstracts delivered on media monitoring the web with encryption security.
  • Web-Observer – Software enabling monitoring of electronic mass media and other information from Internet sources.
  • ConfirMedia – Monitors content broadcast on radio and television.
  • Metro Monitor, Inc. – TV News Clipping Service – Metro Monitor professional broadcast news monitoring and news clipping service. media monitoring Monitoring over 300 stations nationwide.
  • News Power News Clipping Service – News clipping and media monitoring.
  • Multivision, Inc. – Media monitor specializing in hard-to-find coverage and markets media along with services digital delivery of broadcast clips.
  • Ornico Media – Tracking brand and news exposure in South Africa. media monitoring Newsletter media and spot checks helps advertising and public media monitoring relation agencies media access meaningful data about media campaigns.
  • AirCheck News Taping – A full-service broadcast monitor providing national and local news segments media monitoring and reports.
  • Video Monitoring Services – A broadcast information retrieval service
  • TrackNews – Holds archive of television news materials from 1/1/2000. Offers digital video via email, DVD mastering, and automated media reports.
  • FinancialPost Infomart – Resource of Canadian news and business data products. Subscribe to services search material daily or browse solely on a pay-per-view basis.
  • Burrelles Luce – Clipping Service tracking what is published in more than 5000 media monitoring print publications and wire services. Offers a choice of e-mail media monitoring or web delivery. Firm has more than 100 years of media monitoring experience in this field.
  • Smart Brief – Providing free, e-mail based news summaries and other media monitoring content media for industry associations, professional organizations, advocacy groups media monitoring and their media constituents.
  • Esmerk – Daily scans the media to provide tailored profiles services about competitors, services trade, mergers, macro-economic statistics, and news services deemed important by the services client.
  • Universal Information Services – Offers North America news monitoring and media analysis, press clipping, media plus the monitoring of TV, radio and the Internet.
  • News Knowledge – Offering text and headline news feeds and direct database access with API Web Service. Seven day free trial.
  • BulletinNEWS – Offers human-edited analysis of the news and can media monitoring be media monitoring provided daily as a concise, customized memo.
  • Cision – Describes firm\\’s history in offering media communications management solutions. Services media monitoring include media evaluation, PR, media monitoring, and media contacts.
  • Infoition – Offers customized media intelligence. Services include morning news media summary, breaking services news alerts, and foreign language translations. media View company profile, history services and free sample.
  • dna 13 – Provides companies with public relations and communications software. Key features media include integrated media monitoring, management and measurement tools. Has created media integrated system for monitoring broadcast television (in real-time), print, Internet media new
  • Precise Media Monitoring – High-speed media monitor provides hard copy and electronic content from media UK, international and online media as well as breaking news media sources. Includes media list, company and service details. UK.
  • Postech – Profiles a firm that specializes in niche market media products for media data acquisition. Its CCapture product is media a closed caption decoder media that automatically provides transcripts media from 4 channels of off-air, cable media or satellite media received video.
  • Inbox Robot – Search news headlines and receive customized results via media monitoring email. media monitoring Choose any topic.
  • WireClip – Search engine drawing on press release newswires – media ClickPress, USPRwire, and UKPRwire.
  • Mediatrack – Provides analysis, evaluation, and measurement of international media. services Also offers media PR activity measurement, campaign evaluation, competitor services analysis and media research media nationally or globally.
  • Carma International – Case studies, testimonials, white papers, and customized media research analysis.
  • Broadcast Monitors – TV and radio news monitoring and tracking services including video services and audio clips and transcripts.
  • inewsnetwork – Providing source and delivery solutions for media monitors, this interface enables service companies to search and redistribute relevant content from around the world.
  • Panarc International – Offering a range of research and media consultancy services. Explains its analysis of the reach and effect of media coverage on target audiences for governments and commercial organisations.
  • TVEyes – With the slogan “always watching”, this company provides an automated broadcast information retrieval service for radio and TV, together with instant content alerts and media access.
  • Newbase – Provider of media monitoring solutions and media analysis.
  • Critical Mention – Search, track and view critical information from television media monitoring news media monitoring broadcasts. Deploys technology that digitizes live broadcast media monitoring footage, in media monitoring real-time.
  • Allison’s Press Clipping Service – Professional press clipping service in the U.S.
  • Squared Monitoring – Digitally capturing television commercials, press advertisements, internet advertising media monitoring and services radio advertising in India, along with press media monitoring news. Uses services a database to cross-index them.
  • Zenark – Offers reports on web intelligence by monitoring key media monitoring online news sources for the UK and Ireland.
  • Metropolitan Newsclips Service – Specializes in coverage of Missouri\\’s newspapers, magazines, ethnic press and media other media. Also collects clips nationally and internationally.
  • Durrants – Service primarily focuses on UK press, internet, broadcast and newswires. services Explains delivery options via web, e-mail, or courier.
  • World News Connection – Supplies daily news from countries around the world. media Offers coverage services of local media sources specific to media a country, region, or services city.
  • J&A Media Services – Covers market intelligence through electronic news clippings, transcripts, media and summaries of activities on broadcast television and media radio. Also monitors internet news.
  • – Founded in August 1998 and providing clients with services news, information, media and rumors from every key online services source that impacts their media business.
  • TriggerNews – Provides real-time alerts for news articles that match media monitoring user-defined keywords.
  • Teleclip – A video news monitoring service located in Austin, media monitoring TX.
  • Bowdens Media Source – Offers media monitoring of broadcast, print, internet and media monitoring wire services plus research, press release distribution and media monitoring media analysis. Canada.
  • Carver Communications – Offering four lines of tracking: clippings from key services Canadian media, media broadcast transcripts, daily summaries, and media services analysis.
  • PR InSite – Agency providing integrated suite of public relations tools, media monitoring including services eNewsRooms and Realtime news clipping.
  • Lone Buffalo – Providing real-time, monitoring and Specializes in the custom delivery of services Web-based news and analysis to Fortune 500 companies.
  • National Aircheck – Radio monitoring firm records 2,500 US radio stations media 24/7. Offers media same day delivery of clips and media provides keyword search of media news and talk radio.
  • CustomScoop – An online agency delivering a daily customized clipping services service which services draws from on-line editions of major services wires and daily papers, services TV and radio stations, services smaller daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, services trade journals, services and new media publications. It offers
  • PR Newswire – eWatch – Media monitoring service provides clips from numbers of print publications, web sites, investor message boards, newsgroups and online service forums.
  • Thomson Intermedia – Offering online systems for gathering industry intelligence through media monitoring. services Verifies advertising placement, evaluates marketing campaign effectiveness, and offers services news clipping services.

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