Summarizing Services Overview

Our summarizing service strips away the extra verbiage and tightens the writing by reducing wordiness from your incoming flow of documents, while keeping the aim on the core  of the matter. According to a pre-arranged system of filtering agreed with the client, we capture essentials of the individual reports and the crucial details necessary for supporting them, consequently eliminating redundant information.  The end product is an abstract, delivered daily through email or through a dedicated FTP server, which provides in a swift and accurate way only easy-to-read  data menu of the day, which make relevance to you.

We do it from external sources (External Summarizing Service or ESS) or from your own yard (Domestic Summarizing Service, DSS).

From external sources, we can tackle individual articles, industry-specific reports or entire sections of the technical media.

DSS is available for the ones who have to deal with a large number of daily emails, reports, etc, belonging to the dataflow of their own organization. After signing the NDA, we are only permitted limited clearance for those segments that are not confidential and we process the data in a similar manner with the ESS.








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