Case Studies

Here is a bundle of excerpts from our work. For obvious reasons, we do not account ghostwriting jobs in our portfolio.


Case Study 1: Copywriting for Software Product Guide  (ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning)

Case Study 2: Copywriting for Non-fiction Book (Computer Networks)

Case Study 3: Copywriting for Technical Lab Manual (Computer Networks) – in process of being updated

Case Study 4: Proofreading and Critiquing for volume chapter published by Springer

Case Study 5: Summarizing Service (personalized robotics newsletter)

Case Study 6:  Research & academic logistics for conference data mining 

Case Study 7: Copywriting for Business Intelligence book – in process of being updated

Case Study 8: Copywriting for Corporate Finance book – in process of being updated

Case Study 9: Translation for medical PhD Thesis

Case Study 10: Software Tester (outsourcing) for Emergency Situation (SMISU) committed by the Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior

Case Study 11: Copywriting for various academic papers (journals and conferences)





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