Copywriting Service Description

Following is the full range of services our technical copywriters provide:


A.  Writing On-Demand Technical  & Nonfiction Documents

1. Assembly/Installation Guides

2. Product Guides/Manuals/Handbooks/Service Bulletins

3. Quick Reference Guides

4. Troubleshooting Guides

5. FAQ Guides

6. Training Materials and Case Studies

7.  Policies, Procedures, White Papers and Data Sheets

8.  Technical Web, Ezine & Blog Content

9. Other nonfiction informal materials (booklets, books, articles for magazines and conferences, etc.)


B. Technical Editing & Indexing

1. Preparing your document so that it conforms to generally accepted technical standards for verbiage and format; line and content editing for style, mechanics of style, organization, grammar, etc.

2. Proof-reading, critiquing and evaluation for content, coherence and compliance with pre-determined terms or concepts; for Copy Critique services, it will take us several readings to absorb all the insights, suggestions and ideas provided and issue a “second opinion” under the shape of an objective report, with a specific number of pages.

3. Indexing service: comprehensively choosing and organizing topics or keywords into a back-of-the-book index that allows a reader to go right to a specific topic; filtering based on  importance criteria; generating fully formatted & enhanced  index that can be added to your engineering or academic document.


C. Writing Administrative and Project Management Reports

We properly adhere to each client’s format specifications for their technical management reports and other administrative tasks.


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