Technical Copywriting Overview

Our technical copywriting bureau serves the very niche and focused area of  mission critical users from academic, research and lead engineering. There is more to scientific writing than high-quality research. The subtlety and precision of science findings and conclusions must be communicated precisely and concisely. Poor writing skills can lead to misimpression and misinterpretation. A combination of industry knowledge, technical understanding and good copywriting skills are important factors in putting cutting-edge documents into concise words and produce series of informative and higly-focused technical papers.
Basic copywriting services that we provide are: technical management reports, technical website & blog content, technical documentation for projects and  user guides, product and service bulletins, technical case studies, handbooks, white papers and data sheets. We commence the work from outlines, notes, blueprints and incomplete drafts to assist you in creating a publishable manuscript or report. Attention is payed to detail and we are highly committed to client service. Each technical content project is different from the next and, therefore, we shall generate a separate proposal for each client.
We endeavour to be quick, reliable and responsive. We ask the right questions, clarify the brief and ensure that requirements are agreed upfront. Our diligence is to ensure that the facts and requirements are known from the beginning until the end and the job is done with minimal amends despite a complex subject, consistently completed on time and on budget.
We have a flexible approach to meet strict timescales and deliver high quality outputs while working with the client’s complex organizational operating procedures.
In addition, we are able to accommodate oversea clients and to tackle interactions that take place outside usual Central EU working hours and days.

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