It’s a commonly accepted fact that academe, top-end research and engineering have very little time. People with the grit to be independent are to be admired. But, at some point, these individuals need to make a choice: either persuade themselves to be the orchestra man and do everything on their own, from high-level scientific conceptualizations till basic proofreading, or outsource some of their low-level workload to a copywriting service. Even the most talented idea people need research aids and support copywriters to work on content they’ve labored and reflects their originality, but can’t finish well from various reasons.

In our acceptance, technical writing means non-fiction writing. We provide a wide range of academic writing, research and publishing services for higher education level and above in all major areas: architecture, art & humanities, business, management & finance, computing ICT, creative arts & design, education, engineering, health & social care, languages, mathematics & statistics, science and social sciences. Our team of writers can provide you a large list of non-fictional writings: admission or argumentative essays, bibliographies, article/book/movie reviews, business plans, case studies, courseworks, research papers and proposals or dissertation theses. All composition will meet the academic requirements for each of the following educational levels: GCSE, A-level, NVQ, Undergraduate, Diploma, Masters Pass, PhD, GDL, LPC or BPTC. We employ only dedicated technical writers, both seasoned professionals who hit the ground running and young talents graduated cum laudae from Master and PhD studies, specialized in providing support via telecommuting in high-end writing and research projects.

Technical writing works both ways: while being a master at painting a picture with words, one can also take technical material and break it down into layman’s terms. Despite of the fact that English is not our mother-tongue, we have graduated forms of higher education in UK, US and Western Europe (some of us at PhD level). Alike the native English speakers, attuned to the nuances of the language, we are well-read and culturally savy, thus acquiring a solid knowledge foundation from which to support your writing assignments.

Our professional standards and code pledge for:

– Technical writing is not an innate ability, it is an acquired skill and we are committed to issue state-of-the art reports and products for our clients
– We shall always accurately represent your ideas, concepts, skills, knowledge and research background. The client’s approval will be requested before altering any important features of his concept
– We stick to the terms and conditions under which you agree to submit your project and inform you of any delay or problem that may arise in the process of our work
– We shall charge our clients in an honest and transparent manner, based on the pro-forma agreed upon before accepting the project
– We undertake projects based on merit, but shall not endorse in any way works aimed for professional gain or educational grading.

The last but not the least, as a commitment to courtesy, we do not abandon our clients after the end of the contract term. Your interests remain in our agenda and we are willing to advise you in any way we can, within reasonable limits.