Monitoring Price Quotes

The price is 15 € per URL (Internet web site, ezine, other sources of online documentation ) under scrutiny, with a weekly report (1-2 pages).

Summarizing Price Quotes

The price is 15 € per page of summary report, both for the external and the domestic services.

Copywriting Price Quotes

Fees are always based on the actual project at hand. Quotes may vary depending on the complexity, scale, timeframe and amount of research required. Charges in a project can be made against hour, word, per diem, page or a combination of the above. Here is our  standard rate card for B2B and B2P technical copywriting projects.   Turnaround time: It ranges from ten to 30 days on most projects,...

Ghostwriting Price Quotes

Technical ghostwriting is our elite level of service and we are proud in providing manuscripts with nothing short of the best. The charge is only per project and takes into account variables like sophistication of topic, length and depth of work, target deadline and others. As a rule of thumb, a full-length 200 pages  manuscript, to be completed in approximately three – six months, costs...